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Why We Love Camp Joy


A Letter From Our Campers We are writing this from cabin one of Camp Joy's river village. As we sit here in the dark with no light but our flashlights and candles we learn how to appreciate the things we have and not take them for granted. This week we hiked miles a day traveling to our cabins, faced our fears on a ropes course 35 feet in the air, jumped off the giant swing, and did some group initiatives where learned to work as an a team- and it is only day two. Through all of these activities we have [...]

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Guest Blog – A Red Letter Day


A Red Letter Day Thanks to Steve Coats with International Leadership Associates for this great Blog post. See more from Steve on the ILA Blog April 25th was a red letter day for me, because I got to meet Brennen. Let me provide a little background before introducing you to him. As many of you know, we conduct The Leadership Challenge® Workshop at a unique outdoor education facility just outside of Cincinnati. It is called Camp Joy, and camp is a very appropriate description. Like many camps, our participants stay in “rustically elegant” cabins, sleep in bunk beds (six or so [...]

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Note from a Hillsboro teacher about her take on the magic of the Camp Joy experience: Nothing great has ever been accomplished without enthusiasm. Three weeks before going to camp one of my struggling students started a countdown for camp. Every day he would say "__ days before camp Mrs. Campbell. I'm going to do the zipline. I'm so excited" He would tell me this about 5 times per day. I always knew how many days it was before camp. Well, yesterday, it was his turn to do the zipline. I will preface this by saying how hard it is to [...]


The Difference Is Hope


I would like to share with you a story about two very different children with two very different outcomes: Scenerio 1: One girl grew up in foster care and lived in 4 different homes within two cities in 8 years. She did not have a consistent routine or consistent caring adults in her life, she constantly had new rules, new expectations and environments on a regular basis. She had a child at the age of 20, had a job but had trouble keeping it, lives in the projects and is on welfare. She feels strongly that the world owes her something [...]

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The Importance of Camp for Kids


Camp is an important milestone in the growth and development of youth. As we prepare to serve 1000's of youth this summer at Camp Joy and parents are considering the decision to send their kids to camp here is a great article from Michael Thompson Ph.D. on the Huffington Post on the benefits of camp for kids. 'Should I Be Sending My Children to Camp?' by Michael Thompson Ph.D. The excitement of learning and growing at Camp Joy all begins with our first connection with you. We are excited to get the opportunity [...]

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Fostering Success at Camp Joy


A blog about Camp Joy's Fostering Success program written by The Redwoods Group on their Safety & Society @ Camp blog. Learn more about The Redwoods Group Improving Society from Camp: Camp Joy's "Fostering Success" Program Young people in foster care are far more likely to endure homelessness, poverty, compromised health, unemployment and incarceration after they leave the foster care system. With 400,000 children in the foster care system nationwide, this is a significant societal problem. This data compelled Camp Joy, based near Cincinnati, OH, to action. Camp Joy has served children from disadvantaged backgrounds since 1938 through hands on outdoor [...]

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Decision Making


Today is election day and we are all asked to make an important decision and vote for who we believe will best lead or best represent our beliefs. So how do you make decisions, how does your family make decision, how does your organization make decisions. There are many decision making styles and processes such as consensus, majority, loudest voice, silent votes, those who are present etc Different situations often call for different processes. Do you ever wonder if your business, school, organization, etc. could be more effective and efficient with decision making? At Joy this is certainly something we have [...]

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Personal Leadership Institute


Camp Joy’s Leadership and Development Program is very excited to let you know about a new open enrollment leadership program designed for High School sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The program, The Personal Leadership Institute (PLI) will an invaluable experience in growing leadership skills, preparing students for college, and helping them to become more responsible and confident in themselves. This program will combine research from the Search Institute on the 40 Developmental Assets needed to be successful, with facilitated small group development and networking, as well as conference style presentations. These presentations will focus on: Study Habits and Learning Styles Public Speaking [...]

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Dave Carr – Guest Blogger Extroidinaire


You Are What You Listen To? Every now and then conversation comes to, “What podcasts do you listen to? Why?” Here are the podcasts I listen to regularly via iTunes. Once a week I plug my iPhone into my computer, click on iTunes and update. I listen to these podcasts at different times throughout the week. Click here to read more of Dave's Blog. The excitement of learning and growing at Camp Joy all begins with our first connection with you. We are excited to get the opportunity to meet you and [...]

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Summer Camp


Are you sending your child to camp this summer? If so, you may be surprised as to all the benefits a few days of exposure to nature, friends, and great role models will do for your child. Camp gives children a unique experience where the un-ordinary becomes ordinary. It provides children with a safe, supervised, positive environment, which fosters grow and character development. Additionally, Camp Joy is a place where campers who typically may not get a camp experience can come and enjoy great activities, goal setting, peer support, and learning, without the everyday pressures of life. The American Camp [...]

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