A Home Away From Home

Corey Lyons

Aspiring basketball star and native of Price Hill in Cincinnati, Corey Lyons spent a week of his summer challenging himself at Camp Joy. Through persistence and open communication, he learned the importance of patience and understanding others: “Camp has helped me become more understanding and know that everyone goes through challenges and that I’m not the only one.” The lessons that Corey learned at Camp Joy coincide well with those he has learned with his participation in Boys and Girls Club, both equally contributing to a sense of home and belonging.

Corey sees his friends at Boys and Girls Club as well as his counselors at Camp Joy as role models, helping instill in him distinct values: “They help teach me right from wrong—a lot like my parents try to do at home.” These values helped him succeed not only at Camp Joy, but also in some of his favorite activities like basketball. A devout basketball fan and self-proclaimed fanatic, he hopes the lessons he has learned at camp and the discipline instilled within him through Boys and Girls Club will help him achieve his goal of becoming a professional basketball player. Before moving on to a career, Corey would like to return to camp to be a counselor, and leave a lasting impact on the lives of campers.

Corey’s desire to return as a counselor embodies the home- like qualities of Camp Joy and the comfort and happiness our camper’s experience: “Camp feels like home—the way I’m treated here at Camp Joy reminds me of home.” 



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