Value Driven Leadership

MarlaSixteen year old Marla is a counselor in training (CIT) for the Joyful Hearts program, a camp for children with heart conditions. At Camp Joy Marla learned valuable life skills and the importance of leadership. Marla believes, “that despite what life hands you, it’s your choice to try and make the best of it.” Her positive attitude has allowed her to serve others to the best of her ability.

Like many of Camp Joy’s CITs Marla is a camp veteran, coming to Joy several times when she was younger including once with Clinton Massie Schools from Clarksville, Ohio. Her experience as a CIT has emphasized the importance of getting to know people better and treating each individual in their own special way: “I’ve enjoyed making time to get to know each and every camper and making sure they feel really special”. Marla welcomed this challenge as she acquired more responsibility at camp.

Traits like responsibility and empathy must run in the family, because not only is Marla a past camper, she is the sister of one of Camp Joy’s past counselors. Her sister’s involvement as well as her own innate appreciation for Camp Joy’s values has ultimately encouraged her to return to camp as a CIT and make a difference in the lives of campers.

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