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Joy Outdoor Education Center Risk & Release Form

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Acknowledgment of Risk and Release:

INSTRUCTIONS: Please read this form carefully and contact Camp Joy with any questions. I understand that completing and signing this form is a prerequisite for my or my child’s participation in Camp Joy’s programs. I understand that my participation in programs offered by Joy Outdoor Education Center, LLC (dba Camp Joy) and Joy Outdoor Education Center Foundation, Inc., is based on a “Challenge by Choice” philosophy. I recognize that the program is designed to use experiential, engaging, teaching techniques, but that my participation is purely voluntary, and I elect to participate in spite of the risks.

Activities: I am aware that experiential, outdoor pursuits for which I have enrolled such as living history reenactments (Ex. Underground Railroad), hiking, walking on uneven ground, high ropes challenge courses, ground initiatives, mountain biking, archery, swimming, and other activities at Camp Joy entail certain risks. Camp Joy has a number of high ropes elements. High ropes courses can include poles, ropes, cables and platforms on which participants move with and without the assistance of staff and other participants. The level of exertion required for the activities will be similar to a day of moderate to strenuous exercise. Activities are explained by staff, and belay or other support systems may be used. Activities vary in height and difficulty. Risks: I understand and acknowledge that experiential education including high ropes courses and other Camp Joy activities involve risks which could result in injury, tripping, falling, broken bones, burns, death, or damage to my property. I may be in situations in which I depend on others for my physical well-being. The risks described and others are inherent in Camp Joy activities and without them the activities would lose their essential character and value. Camp Joy recommends that those with heart conditions, high blood pressure, back or neck issues refrain from full participation in high ropes experiences and physically spotted activities. Expectant mothers (without a specific medical release) are not permitted to fully participate at height on ropes courses or with spotted activities.

Release: I, for myself and for my heirs, personal representatives, and assigns, and each of them, forever release and fully discharge Joy Outdoor Education Center, LLC and Joy Outdoor Education Center Foundation, Inc., and each of their members, managers, directors, employees, volunteers, agents, officers, predecessors, affiliates (including the Warren County Astronomical Society with respect to our Observatory), representatives, successors, and assigns, from any and all actions, causes of action, claims, costs, damages, demands, fees, and/or liability of any kind, nature, or descriptions whatsoever, whether known or unknown, arising out of or in any way related, whether directly or indirectly, to participation in any Camp Joy program, including, but not limited to any physical injury, psychological injury, or loss of life or personal property that may occur as a result of participating in this program.

Photography: I understand that photography commonly occurs during Camp Joy programs. I consent for myself and/or my child/minor of legal responsibility to be photographed for general Camp Joy use, including program and/or agency printed/internet publicity.

Authorization for Treatment: I give permission to the medical personnel selected by the visiting organization to arrange necessary related transportation for this participant, and for the visiting organization or Camp Joy to secure and administer treatment, including hospitalization, for the participant named below.

Signature: I have read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions stated in this Risk and Release Form. The named participant has permission to engage in program activities, except as noted. I understand that my signature on this Release form will remain valid for one year of programs at Joy and I acknowledge my obligation to inform Camp Joy in advance of any changes in the child’s/participant’s health that may affect the child’s/participant’s ability to participate in activities in any way. I certify that the information my child or I have provided is complete and accurate.

We went to Camp Joy to learn teamwork and to have fun learning. My favorite activity was the underground railroad reenactment because it seemed so real, and it just comes to show how bad slaves were really treated. I personally learned how to deal with people that I’m stuck with or with people that don’t like too much. Camp Joy affected my school year in a way that I would work together much better with people. Camp Joy was a lot of fun.

Noah C., Camper

Thank you for for being my trail group leader. Throughout my time at Camp Joy you helped me and led us through our groups’ difficult times. You were also really fun singing all of those songs while we were hiking. I also thought that you were really good in the Underground Railroad play through. You probably would have caught us because of the way that we had escape. Thank you for helping me throughout Camp Joy, you should always know that I will never forget Camp Joy because of you.

Morgan C, Camper

Thank you again for providing our campers with a phenomenal experience. It is always a great opportunity for them to connect with other campers who share in their same medical condition and make lasting friendships with their peers.

Social Worker, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

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