Our Mission

To inspire our guests to become better people, influence their community and create a better world.

Helping people grow and succeed through life-long experience based learning.

  • Safety 
  • Epic Service
  • Passion and Positivity 
  • Building Relationships 
  • Accountability and Communication 

The Camp Joy Way


Camp Joy has been changing lives for more than 80 years

A glance at Camp Joy over the years:

  • 1937 Camp Joy was founded by the St. Barnabus Episcopal Church. The camp moved around several times in its early years but has since settled in Clarksville, Ohio. The new 317 acre location is finally large enough to support Camp Joy’s ambitious goals to challenge individuals and change lives today, tomorrow, and forever.
  • 1948 Camp Joy embraces racial integration of its summer camp, leading the way for other camps in the region. Camp Joy began co-ed camping in 1952.
  • 1972 Camp Joy begins year-round outdoor education programming that eventually evolves into the Outdoor School Program.
  • 1984 Camp Joy introduces the region to adventure programming for youth and adults. The adult portion of which receives the trade name Ventured Out! and helps support the organization
  • 1997 Camp Joy dedicates its swimming pool, opening the way to serve more youth with challenging medical conditions.
  • 1998 The newly built P&G Learning Center provides Camp Joy with its first convenient, spacious attractive indoor program space and a home for the administration.
  • 2005 New Recreation Center open its doors to house youth programming year-round, particularly in inclement weather.
  • 2006 Camp Joy launches the “Building for Inclusion” Initiative, which funds projects all over campus to better serve those with special, medical, and physical disability needs.
  • 2012 Camp Joy launches its 75th Anniversary Campaign to celebrate its anniversary and raise capacity-building funding necessary to accomplish its mission in the future.
  • Today Camp Joy transforms lives of more than 13,000 guests annually through our unique experiential programs.

The excitement of learning and growing at Camp Joy all begins with our first connection with you.