Camp Joy’s Resident Camp program is designed to provide programming that is surrounded by relationship, self-esteem, and skill development and provide all campers with a strong sense of purpose and value. Campers participate in traditional camp programming that includes activity sessions, swimming, and high ropes experiences.

Camp Goals

  • Relationships: build/identify healthy relationships with peers and counselors
  • Skill Development: provide an opportunity to learn new skills or enhance a current skill
  • Self-Esteem: provide opportunities for campers to challenge and feel good about themselves
  • Purpose: provide opportunities for campers to be leaders and make decisions
  • Morning Choice: Canoeing/Fishing, Archery, Mountain Biking, Creative Arts, Nature, and More!
  • Afternoons: Cabin Time, Swimming, Team Building and High Ropes Courses!
  • Evenings: Camp Fires with songs and skits, Large group games, Dance Party, talent show and more!
  • Yurts: Campers will live in Yurts with approximately 13 others campers and 2-3 staff.
  • Shower/Restrooms: Campers will have access to flush toilets and showers in the Rec Center. An Eloo is attached to all Yurts for evening use.
  • Schedule: Campers will follow a daily schedule which they will have opportunities to choose what they will participate in.
  • Meals: Campers are served three nutritious meals per day and a snack.
  • Respect: (Property, Others, Nature and Yourself)
  • Nice Words: (Language must be positive and appropriate ~ No foul or abusive language.)
  • Good Behavior: (Abusive, threatening, or bullying actions will not be tolerated, Use and/or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, or weapons are not permitted.)
  • Always stay with a counselor: (Campers are expected to stay on camp property and with their staff at all time.)
  • Have fun: We hope that all campers have fun while at camp, and we will do anything within reason to make that happen.
Below is a complete list of what to bring, and what not to bring. Please read through this carefully!

Comfortable, appropriate, loose fitting clothing suitable for hiking, sitting on the ground, getting dirty, etc. Clothes that are appropriate for the weather! (rain, cool air, or hot weather)

Please pack Sleeping Bag/Blanket and pillow


  • 4-5 Shirts
  • 2 pairs of Jeans or pants
  • 4 pair of shorts
  • 2 sweatshirts/hoodies
  • 2 pairs of sturdy shoes
  • 1 raincoat/poncho
  • 1 pair of pajamas
  • 6 pair of underwear


  • 1 bath towel & Wash Cloth
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Comb/brush
  • Bag for dirty clothes (trash bag)
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen/Pool Towel
  • Swimsuit
  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets, music players and video games
  • Any clothes or jewelry that is of great value
  • Money
  • Personal Sports Equipment
  • Aerosol Spray Cans
  • Vehicles (skateboards and rollerblades included)
  • Food of any kind
  • Hair dryers, electric curlers or irons
  • Matches or lighters
  • Animals*
  • Fireworks*
  • Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes etc.*
  • Weapons or Bullets*

If these items are found, they will be collected by staff and returned to the parent/camper on Friday.

*If some items are found the guardian will have to come pick the camper and item up from camp immediately.

Bed bugs are commonly transferred via luggage, from hotels, camps, dorm rooms, hospitals, apartments, areas with high traffic, and have even been found to be transferred through library books. Camp Joy is focused on providing a high quality experience for our guests and we want to share with you our process to prevent and react to bed bugs and minimize the impact to our guests.

The following is based upon recommendations from professional pest control vendors, including Cincinnati Bed Bug Detection, whom we use for our detection needs.


  • On a frequent basis, the maintenance/housekeeping teams conduct bed bug inspections.
  • An experienced canine bed bug detection vendor is employed monthly to inspect all sleeping areas. During high occupancy seasons the vendor inspects more often.



  • If we find 10 bed bugs or less, Joy staff treat the affected linens, luggage, beds, wall area with Steri-fab and a heat gun.
    • * If we find more than 10 bugs, it is considered an infestation and we treat the entire affected sleeping area through a superheating process.
  • If a bed bug infestation is found in a cabin before a group arrives we work to find a new cabin for the group.


Suggestions for return home:

  • Take any fabric materials like clothes, hats, etc. and run them through a full high heat cycle in the dryer 2 times.
  • For belongings that do not fit in a dryer, it is recommended that they be placed in a dark plastic bag out in the full sun for at least 5 hours. The goal is to attain a temperature of at least 120 degrees F, which kills all bed bugs & their eggs.


We appreciate your assistance and under standing with this new epidemic that is affecting our area. If you want further details on our process or recommendations at home feel free to give us a call 937- 289-2031.

How to Pack Medication:

  • All medication must be in original bottles. Medication not in original bottles will not be accepted.
  • Please have only the correct amount of medication needed for the week.
  • This includes over-the-counter meds, cough drops, Tylenol, Advil, etc.
  • During the check-in process, parents will turn the medication into the Camp Nurse or other Designated staff.

Do not pack the medication in the child’s luggage because it will be turned in during check

Medical Assistance: A medical supervisor is on duty 24 hours a day.  Emergency service is provided by 911, and Clinton Memorial Hospital is 12 miles from camp. Parents will be notified in cases of accidents and illnesses.

  • Camp Joy wishes to maintain a safe environment free of illegal drugs, alcohol, firearms or other improper materials. To enforce this policy Joy representative may inspect cabins and belongings upon reasonable suspicion.

Camper Mail: You can send mail to campers at the address listed below. Please send it the day before camp begins to ensure its delivery. Campers may also bring envelopes and stamps to send mail out.

  • Camper’s Name
  • C/O Camp Joy
  • PO Box 157
  • Clarksville, OH 45113

Phone Calls: Campers are not permitted to call home during the week. If there is an emergency, you will be contacted. If you have an emergency, please call 937-289-2031, or after 4pm please call our camp phone at 973.630.0260.

  • Parents/guardians can drop off campers at 3:00 pm on Monday.
  • These campers should be picked up at 10:00 am on Friday.
  • Please check your registration or confirmation email for the pick up and drop off location.
  • Parents/Guardians must sign campers out before Leaving camp. You may be asked to show an ID to sign out a child.

Camp Joy strives to work with each child to ensure a positive and safe experience. If a child breaks the expectations, consequences could include; disciplinary discussions, written apologies, behavior plans, probation, or expulsion from camp.

Abusive, threatening, or bullying actions. Use and/or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, cigarettes, tobacco, or weapons.

*** The guardian is responsible for picking up the participant from camp for any consequence that has led to the participant’s expulsion from camp.

Expelled campers are not allowed to return to camp the following year for their actions.

  • Balance Due by 5 pm Monday, the week prior to the session attending. If payment is not received, your spot will be given to the next name on the waiting list.
  • Any additional payments can be refunded if cancellation is made by 5 pm Monday, the week prior to the session attending. After this date, ALL additional payments are non-refundable.
No child will be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, ancestry, age, income, ethnicity, sexual orientation or marital or family status. This facility is operated in accordance with USDA policy, which does not permit discrimination because of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. Any person who believes that he or she has been discriminated against in any USDA-related activity should write immediately to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington D.C., 20250

We are excited about this summer! We cannot wait for you to be here. When you come, don’t forget your smile and be prepared for the week of your life! It’s going to be a great time. We cannot wait to swim, play, laugh and of course GAGA. Summer is coming, so get ready!

Please email Tiamiller@camp-joy.org with more specific questions.

We went to Camp Joy to learn teamwork and to have fun learning. My favorite activity was the underground railroad reenactment because it seemed so real, and it just comes to show how bad slaves were really treated. I personally learned how to deal with people that I’m stuck with or with people that don’t like too much. Camp Joy affected my school year in a way that I would work together much better with people. Camp Joy was a lot of fun.

Noah C., Camper

Thank you for for being my trail group leader. Throughout my time at Camp Joy you helped me and led us through our groups’ difficult times. You were also really fun singing all of those songs while we were hiking. I also thought that you were really good in the Underground Railroad play through. You probably would have caught us because of the way that we had escape. Thank you for helping me throughout Camp Joy, you should always know that I will never forget Camp Joy because of you.

Morgan C, Camper

Thank you again for providing our campers with a phenomenal experience. It is always a great opportunity for them to connect with other campers who share in their same medical condition and make lasting friendships with their peers.

Social Worker, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

The excitement of learning and growing at Camp Joy all begins with our first connection with you.