JaJuan Jajuan is an eight-time Camp Joy veteran who started coming to camp due to the partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Hematology and Oncology departments. At age 2, Jajuan was diagnosed with sickle cell disease and soon began treatment and surgery. “I used to be insecure and I didn’t want to tell anyone about my condition. Now I’m confident enough to not only talk about my condition, but to be a part of a team,” said now 18 year-old Jajuan.

Initially doctors believed that Jajuan would not be able to participate in athletic activities due to his condition, but with strong will and perseverance Jajuan defied the odds and has led a healthy, active lifestyle. Jajuan’s desire to stay active is met through the activities offered at Camp Joy. Through the Hematology and Oncology week sponsored by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Jajuan has met other campers and counselors with similar medical conditions that have taught him how to responsibly manage his sickle cell disease and maintain an active lifestyle: “Everyone here has some type of condition but they are so engaged. They want to support you, they want to see you succeed.”

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