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E.W. Scripps

E.W. Scripps has brought out over 30 programs over the span of 9+ years.  Scripps has integrated The Leadership Challenge program into their culture and leverages our leadership center as a way to build on experiential education. The customized program spans over the course of two and a half days with a blend of classroom teachings, outdoor experiences and evening reflections.

A Fire Pit Debrief

This organization chose to bring out 13 participants from their senior leadership team. They requested a fall month in order to experience a Fire Pit debrief. The debriefs are an integral part of the Venture Out program. These meetings are the perfect opportunity for participants to reflect and discuss their learnings from the completed initiatives. During these sessions the facilitators are asking important questions related to behaviors, communication and takeaways.

Take the leap and let go…

Nestled within Camp Joy’s 317 acres are several high rope initiatives designed to conquer or facilitate a particular behavior.  This initiative is 35 feet up in the air and looks similar to a telephone poll with a medium size pizza box at the top.  Participants are securely harnessed and instructed to climb to the top where they focus on something they want to let go of – is it a feeling, a pattern, a behavior?  During the transformation process what did they discover that they wanted to let go of?  Next, you take the leap and let go– eyes open or closed!  Below your team rooting you on and supporting your personal discovery. 

Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program

Leadership Cincinnati has chosen to partner with Venture Out for the last 10 years; their program is custom designed for 2 nights of experience based learning and team building among groups of 20 or more. They are housed in cabins that sleep up to 12 individuals. The high ropes courses Venture Out! offers are one of the most popular initiatives and can be conquered by all levels of physical abilities. Each activity is challenge by choice – but you must be involved in some manner whether that is the photographer, the cheerleader or the listener. These activities are orchestrated to boost personal development and provide the perfect platform to grow.

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Stephanie Broaders, GE Aviation

Peter Feil, Stober Drives

Dave Klotter, TSC Apparel


It’s been tough at times, and spending time with colleagues at Camp Joy really provided me with an opportunity to open up, talk, and listen to others as they offered advice and encouragement.  And in many cases, I was able to return the gift.  I totally get why you take us into the woods.  If you think about it, when was the last time you camped, in a cabin, with a group of giggly people sleeping in bunk beds, playing?  For most people, it was when we were children.  And Camp Joy re-creates that child-like atmosphere – the atmosphere where we as humans are most receptive to learning.  I thought that was brilliant.  So, I returned to work Monday re-energized and ready to be the best leader I can be for my team here at KTNV.  I’m not tired anymore, at least not right now.

Traci Wilson, Assistant News Director, KNTV

Camp Joy helped me face a lot of fears, whether they be physically challenging or mentally. It helped me to step out of my comfort zone and be braver than I ever knew I could be. It helped me realize being a leader is exactly what I want to do, it’s what I was born to do, and I was and still am striving to help people push through their own fears and reach those goals that at one time may have felt unreachable. It was an invaluable experience.

Faith, Social Media Specialist, WEWS NewsChannel5

Few people know that Camp Joy has been the venue for The Leadership Challenge Workshop for thirty years. Acclaimed around the world as one of the very best leadership development programs, The Leadership Challenge was designed to include the kind of purposeful and impactful experiential learning activities at which Joy excels. Jim Kouzes, co-author of the award winning best-seller, The Leadership Challenge, was twice on campus in 1987 to co-facilitate the first sessions. There is no other place on the planet that offers this program, the way Joy does. It has been a pleasure partnering with Camp Joy for three decades to bring this powerful leadership message to thousands of people from around the world.

Steve, Leadership Challenge Program

Camp Joy introduced me to the importance of engagement with nature and fellow human beings. Joy helped me figure out what kind of things, both inside and outside of the workplace, nurtured me. I learned what I love doing: helping others, and interacting with peers and colleagues in a learning environment.  That was huge for me and has enabled me to work in roles I love that allow me to sleep at night.  That means a lot!


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